On the Revival Trail

-Dr. Justin Cooper, Evangelist Clays Mill Road Baptist Church, Lexington, KY

Part 1 of 3

My Grandfather was an independent, fundamental Baptist preacher. He went to Heaven in the fall of 2013. While cleaning out his things and sorting through his personal items my mother found one of his old preaching Bibles. Upon opening his old King James Bible she saw several names, signatures signed on the front flyleaf. My Grandfather’s Bible was covered with such names as John R. Rice, Jack Hyles, Tom Malone, B.R. Lakin, and Lee Roberson. She sent me a picture of that flyleaf covered in those signatures. I was driving to a revival meeting when I first saw the picture. My heart swelled within my breast and a tear welled up in my eye as I realized my Grandpa is gone. He’s in heaven, but his faith lives on in the life and ministry of his grandson. You see, his heroes are still yet my heroes. My grandfather was an old-fashioned independent Baptist preacher and so am I. He preached from the King James Bible and so do I. It was good for my Grandfather, a member of the “Greatest Generation”, and it’s good enough for me, a “Millennial.”